Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home? I think we'll stay in our home until one of the boys moves out. While you will typically zone in on your house's internal aspects, ensuring everything from the kitchen to the living room is visually appealing and functional, it is vital you do not overlook how the property looks on the outside from the garden to the sidings, it all adds to the first impression.

Curb appeal is imperative if you want to not only capture the attention of potential buyers but to ultimately sell your home. The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel to create an excellent first impression for passers-by and those scrolling through property websites looking for a new house.

As proof, here are a few tips to implement when improving your home's curb appeal.

The design of the house

Before you start looking at the garden and other areas, you should focus on the house's actual design. For instance, the color of the external walls can play an important role in your property's overall aesthetic.

The roof is another area that requires consideration. Even if the roof is structurally sound, you could decide to go with a roof design that features more attractive tiling. When considering changing the roof, ensure you consult a professional like Signature Roofing. The last thing you want to do is try and attempt to do the work on your own.

Manicure the garden

The front garden is obviously a key aspect of your home's curb appeal. If the grass is unkempt or plants are overgrown, this is going to create a bad initial impression. As a result, you must manicure the garden regularly to stay on top of such issues.

Aside from manicuring what you have, look at ways to improve your garden's overall quality. Could you install a water feature? Perhaps go with a more vibrant selection of flowers? Maybe bespoke screening for your bins would work?

Front door revamp

Your front door is a statement maker, one that represents your entire house. When it is impressively designed and well-maintained, it will create a welcoming impression – ideal when selling to prospective buyers.

As you would expect, it is relatively easy to improve your front door situation. A fresh coat of paint can add extra character and color to your door. If it is suffering from weather-beaten wood, rejuvenate with a quick refinishing. Alternatively, you could simply replace your current door with a new one. Travis made our door out of a scrap door that someone was throwing out. It's so cool! I love it!

Keep it clean

The good news is that not a lot of work is required to keep everything clean and organized. Ensure your windows are kept spotlessly clean, and your pathways are free from any rubbish or stains. Regarding the latter, a power wash can help to provide your pathways with a pristine appearance.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

We have done A LOT of work to improve our curb appeal since we bought our house 14 years ago. We were youngish 27/28 years old and all of the neighbors were almost to retirement age. The one next door later told us that she scoffed when she saw some young couple moving in next door since "they will probably trash the place" LOL. She's since admitted how wrong she was about that initial assumption. Every neighbor on our court always comments now how much work we've done to make the yard shine and we're the ones they come to when they need yard or power tools for their own projects.


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