Saturday, June 12, 2021

Help your child to establish a good oral hygiene routine that will stay with them for life

As a parent, you want the very best for your child so that they grow up healthy and happy. This might mean pushing them to do well in school, encouraging a love of exercise, and demonstrating the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet. However, looking after your teeth is also a hugely important aspect of self-care for top physical health, and you have the power to show your child just how important it is to look after your teeth. Here is how you can help your child to establish a good oral hygiene routine that will stay with them for life:

Brush together

Kids learn by example, so brushing your teeth together every day clearly shows them the importance of oral hygiene and what a good routine consists of. Brushing together allows you to show your child the correct brushing and flossing techniques that will clean their teeth thoroughly while not harming their delicate gums. Dentists recommend that you spend at least three minutes on brushing for clean teeth; kids might struggle with this length of time, so by brushing together, you can ensure that they clean their teeth thoroughly, and you might even make the process fun by introducing brushing songs or a timer.


Make the dentist fun

Regular visits to the dentist are essential for monitoring teeth health and rectifying minor problems before they become serious issues. This is especially important for growing kids as their teeth are developing; however, with the bright lights, dentist’s chair, and scary-looking equipment, a visit to the dentist can be traumatic for many children. Carry out your research before deciding on a dentist for your child, and find one that has a bright and welcoming office with friendly staff. A dentist who specializes in children’s oral care will ensure that your child feels comfortable and unafraid in their office. Check out for more information about finding the right dentist for your child in your local area.

Use child-friendly brushing tools

It might take your child a while to properly get to grips with the correct tooth brushing technique, and using the right brushing tools can help with this process. A child’s toothbrush will have a head that is small enough to fit into a child-sized mouth and reach the very back of their teeth; its bristles will also be gentle to ensure a deep clean while not harming gums. Children’s toothbrushes are available in lots of fun designs to help make tooth brushing time that bit more fun. Furthermore, it is common for children to dislike the somewhat strong and bitter taste of minty toothpaste, and therefore be reluctant to brush for long periods of time, if at all. Children’s toothpaste comes in a number of different flavors, such as strawberry and bubblegum, to get them excited about brushing again. Just make sure that they use a pea-sized amount and spit the toothpaste out after brushing.

Isaak gets his braces off in two weeks. It will be fun to see his teeth once again!

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Theresa Mahoney said...

Leah was supposed to get her braces off late last month. Looks like we have another 2 months to go since something didn't shift right on the last tightening. Ugh! She better take care of her teeth when they do come off or I'll be pissed since we've invested so much time and money into her mouth.


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