Saturday, June 12, 2021

Immune Support -Elderberry Review

I've had one week at my new job Schemmer. My dad called me twice to see how I liked it. It's too early to say, or know. 

Goodbye to the old job, and hello to the new. I still left AIM up on LinkedIn because I agreed to do freelance. I'm sure there will be good and bad just like anywhere else. Nothing is meant to be perfect. Life is yin and yang. If everything were good we'd walk around with gigantic heads. As humans we have weigh in on how much we can handle that isn't positive; know when to move on. And so I moved on.

With starting a new job I'm upping my health game. First off I now work in the office; as opposed to being at home all.the.time. This is good and bad. I'm exposed to more germs, but some germs are good to take in. My office is kind of out in the open. That I'm not used to. I have to walk around more.

I find that whenever I start a job I get stressed, being the new person. I'm hoping wholsome Immune Support keeps my system in check.   

Where to get wholsome Immune Support - Elderberry:

You can pick up your bottle on Amazon Prime It is made in the U.S.A. It came to me in tip top shape. Wrapped up in plastic, with a foam seal on the lid, and a plastic seal that kept the lid on. 


$9.99, but right now it's $5.99. It comes with 60 pills. I do wish they'd charge more and fill up the bottle, or just sell it in a smaller bottle. Then there would be less packaging waist. Use the code: whol30off for 30% off your order of any Wholsome product.

Top Benefits of Elderberry that I got from

  1. It's a natural laxative. It ranks higher than most other fruits and vegetables in the fiber department. This is important to me because my Asthma Inhaler messes with me!

  2.  Relief for allergies. Also a relief for me - Miss Allergy Suffer!

  3. A natural Diuretic. This is mostly for seniors. If you have problems urinating, elderberry is supposed to help with that. I remember my grandpa getting a lot of urinary tract infections. I wish I would have know to give him elderberry. 

  4. Assists with healthy skin. This goes for Mica that has some unknown under the chin rash that he's had for years. The last doctor thought it was similar to the bumps some people have on the back of their arms. Sometimes it gets really red though. At the time of seeing the doctor it wasn't red at all.

  5. Lowers blood sugar. I think we all need that in our family. We have diabetes on Travis' mom's side and the my mom's side.

  6. Cold and flu relief. We could all benefit from sickness relief with covid still being a thing. It helps get rid of phlegm - something I have all the time with allergies and asthma. 

  7. Might fight cancer. If you get cancer, drive up your elderberry intake.

  8. Improves heart health. I have higher cholesterol. 

  9. Improves bone health. I think we all could have better bones. It would have been good to know that elderberry makes bones stronger over milk.

  10. Assists with weight loss. I do tend to gain weight from steroid use from asthma.

I'm happy we're taking this supplement. I might look into even more elderberry things to incorporate into our daily diet. Have a pill supplement one day, juice another, and so on. 

Have you had elderberry anything before? 

Were you aware of all the benefits it provided?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love elderberry. If I feel myself getting sick, I drink elderberry tea. I also make the family take elderberry supplements before we travel anywhere. So far we haven't gotten sick on our trips since we started taking it a few weeks before we leave, helping boost immune support.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I do take extra supplement for the immune system as well Alissa.. It's really handy indeed


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