Saturday, June 12, 2021

OBYMEUS Men’s Tennis Shoes Review

Isaak typically gets shafted with all things new. He get hand me downs from Mica. I try and get him a few things here and there that match his personality. He doesn't get into all of Mica's space and science obsessions. 

I got a pair of lightweight tennis shoes to review just for Isaaak.  


OBYMEUS - It's not a brand I'm familiar with. 

Where to get them:


They come in five different styles/color options. When I looked they didn't have as many. The only selection when I ordered were black and grey. The black ones were out in his size. 

  • Cool Blue - They look super cool. Kind of a midnight blue.
  • Blue - This confuses me because the shoe is actually grey with a green design on it. Possibly they have the wrong picture in there. 
  • Active Grey - The same picture is in this shoe selection as the blue one. I'm thinking this is the right photo. It's grey with a green design on the side. 
  • Brave Black - It's black with a sleek black design on the side. 
  • Grey - The one we got to review.

Had they had all these options when we ordered, and all were in Isaak's size I would have gone with Cool blue or Brave Black. The design on the sides of those options remind me of the design lines he opted to put in his hair last year. 


  • They are lightweight and breathable. 

  • The shoelaces aren't too long, or too short. 

  • I like the neutral colors. To me neutrals aren't as fun as bright colors, but they go with more things. 


  • They don't have a ton of traction. They are advertised as being a gym shoe. I think just casual day to day walking shoe is more like it. 

  • The tongue of the shoe is all part of the shoe. I don't know how I feel about that. I have never seen that before. It made it hard for that extra lace hole to go in. 

  • I feel like the rubber tip (*see photo above) should go higher. The shoe could get scuffed easier because it's shallow. 

  • Cost wise it's $44.99-$49.99. In one way sure they aren't as expensive as most shoes. In another way they aren't a brand I've ever heard before. The design isn't a shoe that would last. 

  • I wish the color/design selection would have been there when we got this pair. Although this is the pair I agreed to review. 

All in all I'm glad Isaak has another shoe selection. He likes having new things. 

Do you like shoes that are colorful, or neutral? 

Disclaimer: I got this pair of shoes for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I do like colorful shoes, but I think the neutrals are practical for pairing with more outfits. You'll have to maybe let us know how they hold up after some wear. I am always on the lookout for breathable shoes that aren't overly expensive.


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