Friday, April 2, 2010

OCD Behavior

  • Mica and I have the horrible habit of picking our lips when we're thinking, bored, or already have dry/chapped lips.
  • Today I found out that this is a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder behavior that's hard to stop on your own.
  • Daddy gets irritated with Mica when he won't stop picking at his lip. After reading this article I understand the disorder a little better.
  • I would of never thought of it as a disorder. It seemed to be a bad habit. I find myself picking at my lip even though I know it's bad that I'm doing it.
  • Maybe all bad habit's are labeled as disorders now a days.


Felicia said...

I think for it to be OCD is would need to be more obsessive. Usually skin pickers have tons of scabs all over their bodies.

alissa4illustration said...

Good to know.


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