Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Regards to My Last Two Posts

  • The preschool director emailed me back.
  • She said that they do not have kids graduate twice. Mainly because they give out a Bible when they graduate. If he walked twice, people would wonder why he's not getting a Bible.
  • I think if he had a robe and a hat on he'd be fine.
  • She said that they could have Mica lead the line to feel important.
  • I can't decide if I want him to go, or just to stay home?
  • I just think it's awkward for a little kid to be isolated by not getting to do something that a whole bunch of other kids get to do. I'd feel different if it wasn't for rest of his class graduating. I'm not the type of mom that feels my kid should get everything when they don't deserve it. I just don't want someone so young to have that feeling of being really left out. I know what that feels like, and it's not fun.
  • Maybe I am making too much of an issue out of it. I very well could be.
  • It would help if they just had a little party celebrating them graduating. Instead it's this formal event with robes and hats.
  • I'm going to sit Mica down closer to the event...tell him the whole situation, and ask him if he wants to go to see his friends off, or if he wants to go do something special as a family? He'll know about the whole ordeal anyhow because they are practicing songs for it in preschool. His cousin will be talking about it too. It's not like I can hide this event from him. Usually with kids if you just don't talk about something...they don't know what they are missing. He will be seeing some of his friends when he has a birthday party in August.

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