Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Want Whatever He Wants

  • I just got back from going to three stores with my two boys.
  • They were pretty good overall!
  • Isaak is in this new stage of, "I want whatever he wants". When I say, "He" I'm referring to his big brother Mica.
  • Mica was wanting to hold my hand in the parking lot, Isaak was already in the cart, and he was begging to hold my hand too! I was thinking, "Wow...usually they don't want to hold my hand". Of course it was hard pushing a cart, and holding two hands.
  • I have Mica help get certain things in the grocery store to keep him occupied. Guess what? Isaak wanted to join in on this too. The same thing went for putting the food from the cart to the belt.
  • I'm tired from being gone with them all morning. Not from them being bad, just from their busy bodies.
  • Side note: I am impressed with myself! I saved over $15 in coupons this morning. Not all on bad stuff either. I got all natural peanut butter, potatoes, stocked up on cheese and more.

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My Wee View said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by :)

Thanks for having my buttons on your blog - really appreciate it.

I only have 1 child so no one to look up to yet, but hoping for #2 soon enough. Then she will be there one that the little one wants to be like.

Being a mom is VERY tiring!!

Congrats on your savings, it always feels good to save money no matter how much it is.

Take care & Happy Blogging,



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