Monday, March 29, 2010


  • Mica's conferences went really well! His teachers said that Mica has really grown in the last year.
  • He now sits in group activities, which last year was a struggle.
  • He knows most of his letter sounds, letters (upper and lower case), numbers, which they were impressed with. He sometimes gets 6 and 9, b and d mixed up. That's pretty typical.
  • He still needs to work on his coordination. Socially he's grown though.
  • They said that they've never seen a kid his age so good with his visual skills. He's surpassed his teacher's with puzzles.
  • He's more into art, but it still isn't his top pick. Some of this is because his coordination isn't as high, and another part is because he is a perfectionist. He doesn't like to color, paint or cut if it isn't looking like he pictures it to look. He cut out an oval, and handed it to his one of his teachers saying, "Now can you cut off the sharp corners I have on here".
  • Today he was playing with the dress up clothing and told his teachers that they needed more boy dress up clothes.
  • He also invited all of his class to play in his bedroom for his birthday party. His birthday isn't until August.
  • They labeled Mica as being right handed, but today he used his left hand to do his activities.
  • I'm a little disappointed because all of his preschool class is going on to kindergarten. They said Mica knowledge wise has been ready for kindergarten, but socially and coordination wise he's not as ready. He's an August birthday, so we chose to wait to send him.


Felicia said...

It sounds like he is going to be very creative. So, are they going to send him to Kindergarten or are they waiting to see how the year ends?

An Apel a Day said...

We've decided to leave him in preschool for another year.


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