Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • We went to celebrate Grandma Spiehs and Uncle Eric's birthday's tonight.
  • Daddy sat out this get together because he went to a concert, KMFDM.
  • It was good seeing Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent. It was a good night for my Grandma. She has Alzheimer's disease and sometimes forgets a lot. But she was joking and having fun tonight.
  • Everyone got to see Isaak for how he is always, fussy at 5:30!
  • We had meatballs and red gravy for dinner, carrot cake for dessert, and presents for Uncle Eric and Grandma Spiehs.
Mica, Cousin Evan and Cousin Elijah Watching TV
Birthday Girl, Grandma Spiehs
Isaak Loving Grandma
Isaak Hangin' With Great Grandpa Kent
Mica Hangin' With Great Grandpa Kent
Mica Loves His Great Grandparents
Grandpa Spiehs and Isaak
The Fam
Birthday Boy, Uncle Eric Hanging Isaak Upside Down
Cousin Kailey Holding Isaak
Isaak Giving Aunt Terra a Kiss

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