Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a Bad Mom Tonight

  • I did a bad thing and snaped at Isaak.
  • I kept moving him away from the dishwasher. He kept pulling silverware out; he was trying to put it in his mouth. Then he'd try and get in the dishwasher. Then of course he'd try and open and close the dishwasher. I kept removing him from the dishwasher.
  • Finally I had enough, I shut the dishwasher, and it came up hitting his nose. He was crying, I didn't know I had hurt him. I just said harshly, "Dang it Isaak, get away from the dishwasher"!
  • Travis consoled him, and I took a time out. Then Daddy yelled for me to come in the living room because Isaak was bleeding. He has a cut under his nose. Snot and blood was running out of his nose.
  • I consoled him, washed him up, and he's better now.
  • He must of forgave me because he wanted kisses after kisses before bed.

1 comment:

Kim and Neil said...

You were just worried he would hurt himself on the silverware. Been there - yelled that.


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