Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

  • We did have some fun. I just wish we could of gotten there earlier.
  • Daddy ran around with a scary mask on. Mica kept telling him to take it off. LOL
  • Here are the boys when we first got there.
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins (Close Up)
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins (Take 3)
  • Here is Isaak waiting with me for my sister Terra to meet up with us. We busted out the winter coat for this event.
Isaak Bundled UpIsaak Bundled Up (Take 2)
  • Mica wanted so badly to go into the scary house, so we did that. He acted scared, but wanted to go again. It wasn't scary at all, but I can see how a kid could be scared.
  • We then found my sister's clan, and went to go spend more money to go on a train ride.
  • It was worth it. We all had fun.
Mica and My Nephew Evan Waiting For the Train
Daddy and Isaak at the Train Station
Isaak and Mommy on the Train
Isaak on the Train
Isaak Playing on a Wooden Train
  • We went to race some cars around a track. Daddy got irritated with me because my leg kept bumping into his while peddling. He thought I was doing that on purpose, but I swear I wasn't.
  • It was fun. Not pictures for this part.
  • Later it was feed the goats time.
  • Isaak thought it was funny when the goats licked his fingers. We went through the goat food fast! We had to use the hand sanitizer afterward. Although that goat probably had a cleaner mouth then any human.
A Goat Being Cute
Isaak Feeding a Goat
Mica and a Goat
The Boys Feeding a Goat
  • Then the night came to an end.

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