Friday, October 9, 2009

Black Eye

  • Daddy came home from the concert with a black eye. Of course it didn't look too bad yesterday, but today it looks worse!
  • You want to know how he got it? LOL
  • Before I tell you how he got it, he said last night that he thought he saw my ex-boyfriend at the concert. This morning when my sister Terra asked what happened, I messed with her by saying that Daddy got in a fight with my ex. Terra looked at us strange. Then I came clean.
  • He was part of the outskirts of a mash pit. He was jumping around like a teenage boy, and someone rammed into him.
  • He said that part of his bone is missing by his eye, so he had to go into Major Minor Medical tonight to get it checked out. He had to get an x-ray, and his eyes checked. He's fine, and has 20/20 vision. His eye bone, whatever it's called will heal soon. :)


Kim and Neil said...

Wow! It was like a concert from the old dayz.... I cut my head open moshing with Bacon! How was the concert? From the looks of it - it was fun!

An Apel a Day said...

Pretty sure he had fun!


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