Thursday, February 11, 2010

If He Can't Have Cute Shoes, He'll Get a Few Cute Socks!

  • Isaak gets fitted for his "Magic Shoes" tomorrow to hopefully fix his bowed feet! The left one is getting worse! He'll wear the shoes for 6 months, or more.
  • I got Isaak a few cute Baby Legs socks since he can't have cute shoes. He's into football and trains, so I got him set of football socks, train socks and then I liked the Mad Hatter socks.
  • Mom 4 Life has a deal this month. If you spend $30 you get a free pair of Baby Legs.
  • I got girl Baby Legs for my friend that's pregnant.
  • I have to say I heart Baby Legs! They are just soooo cute. I love that they work for boys and girls! They were so great when Isaak was in the hospital with Meningitis. The nurses loved them. They kept his legs warm under the hospital gown.
  • The socks I got are pre-orders. They'll be sent out the last week this month.
  • Want to know which ones are my favorite? The football socks. Shhh...don't tell Daddy! He knows I really don't like football. I love them because Isaak says, "Football" so cute! Oh...but Daddy will be reading this anyhow. LOL

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