Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Blues

  • We started the morning out good. Mica helped me make Banana Bread, while Isaak played all sweetly by himself with Duplo's.
  • Then something happened. It's like we all had a light switch hit down inside us. Mica, Isaak and Mommy are all in bad moods at 11 AM.
  • Could it be that it's because it's snowing once again? I'm not sure, but it sounds like a good excuse.
  • I have a huge headache. Mica got a bloody nose. Isaak's just whinny!
  • Mica was complaining that his train track wasn't right. I went in to help him. He threw a HUGE temper tantrum because I didn't put it together like he had in his mind. I shut his door and told him that he could come out when he cooled down a bit. After he cooled down, he came in the kitchen and got frustrated that the magnetic monkey's wouldn't stick up on the refrigerator just like Spider-Man.
  • Isaak decided to hit Mica, then Mica popped Isaak back harder then what he should of. Both boys got time outs over that one.
  • I put them down right after lunch.
  • So much for getting Mica to write his name on Valentines this morning. I'm not attempting that when he's in a sour mood.
  • **Update: Isaak woke up poopy after only sleeping 1 hour and a 1/2. Of course he won't go back to sleep. Isaak cried, which then woke Mica up. Boo! :(

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