Monday, February 8, 2010

Orthopedic Doctor

  • Daddy took Isaak to see the Orthopedic Doctor.
  • They took x-ray's of his spine, feet and legs. The doctor watched him walk too.
  • Isaak's left leg has less mass then his right. Not dangerously so.
  • He has to go in to get "Magic Shoes". He has a drawer full of cute toddler shoes that he won't be wearing. I need a friend or family member to have a boy that I can pass some of my kid's stuff down to. We have lots!
  • He'll get fit for his "Magic Shoes" on Friday, Daddy's weekend day. He'll be wearing the shoes for 6 months.
  • Isaak has an appointment after that to get more x-ray's to see if the "Magic Shoes" are helping. I hope they do!
  • I don't know what these "Magic Shoes" are going to look like, but all I can picture is Isaak running like Forest Gump in his "Magic Shoes" with braces. Isaak won't have braces for now anyhow.
  • I'm hoping that Isaak will be running straight and narrow much like Forrest did after he wore his, "Magic Shoes".
  • Fact: Did you know Forrest Gump was filmed in Savannah, GA? Ya...this is where I went to grad school. The original bench is not there. Many people go to find it, and it simply is not there. It's one of the prettiest, most historical places I've been to. Oh...but if you have allergies, the pollen and molds are pretty rough.
  • Fact 2: Oh...Aunt Becky if you are reading this, you are right!!! The Orthopedic Doc. said that kid's do not have full knee caps until they are 8 years old. Before that it's cartilage. It thickens up and turns into bone as they get older. We didn't know what to think when you said that long ago, but you were right.

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