Monday, June 14, 2010

Bye Bye Special Shoes

  • Isaak had his orthopedic appointment today. His left leg and foot point inward. The foot pointing in is called Metatarsus Adductus (Varus) and the leg pointing in is called Internal Tibial Torsion.
  • Both bowing issues are caused from his position in relation to the curvature of my belly while I was pregnant with him.
  • We've had mixed reviews with the family and doctors.
  • At first I wasn't worried about it, his pediatrician said it was fairly normal, and to just let it be.
  • Family kept pointing it out and he tripped because of his foot. He had to get stitches in his forehead.
  • Then I started getting worried.
  • His pediatrician wasn't in, so we took him to a different one to get his stitches out.
  • He recommended an orthopedic doctor.
  • The orthopedic doctor sent Isaak to get x-ray's. We had to get him ugly $90 shoes that insurance wouldn't cover.
  • He's outgrown the shoes, and his foot hasn't gotten any better.
  • I took him in to his pediatrician for a check up, and he said the shoes were unnecessary. Studies have shown that bowed feet/legs in time fix themselves if it's not too severe. I've read about these studies, but also read that if your kid starts tripping over their own feet, you should do something about it. Each doctor appointment I'm left with a big question mark over my head. His pediatrician is a great doctor that does his research.
  • Daddy took Isaak back to the orthopedic doctor today, and he said that we'll just let time tell. If he's wearing closed shoes we're supposed to put them on the wrong feet. He can wear sandals.
  • There is a surgery if it gets really bad that we can do, but that is extreme (they shave the bone). I highly doubt Isaak will have to get a surgery like that done. I sure hope not!

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