Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coloring Inside the Lines

  • Mica colored his best picture yet. He colored mostly inside the lines.
  • I think it's important to color inside the lines then later on he can choose weather he wants to break those rules or not.
  • Up until now Mica's been pretty sloppy with coloring and writing. I know you can't see the picture very well, but it looked pretty good, and is hanging on our refrigerator now.
  • I also overheard Mica saying, "Wow...when I put yellow over red it makes orange"! I've been thinking about bringing a color wheel home from work to show and explain how color mixing works.
  • Mica's been really into watching this video from They Might Be Giants:
  • It's funny hearing a kid sing about Roy G Biv.
  • There is one mistake in the video that Daddy caught. They mixed colors indigo and violet up on the rainbow. Just look at the video and think about the spectrum, and you'll see the mistake too.

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