Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Plex

  • I decided to go to Fun Plex for the evening of my birthday. I wanted to play miniature golf with my kids for the first time.
  • I just needed to get away. I had kind of a bad day in the kitchen, which usually things run pretty smoothly in the baking department. You can read about that disaster here. Fortunately, I tried making my birthday treats for work today, and everything went pretty smooth.
  • I thought it was funny that Daddy started out showing the boys how to hold the golf club. It was cute, except that Isaak's only 2 years old. I was thinking that there was no possible way that Isaak will remember how to hold a golf club.
  • Then Daddy kept telling the boys to get off the green while he played. I said, "Daddy I don't think the boy's know what the green is." Daddy showed them what the green was. Mica's like, "That's not green Daddy!" He was right it wasn't the color green. :)
  • I thought it was funny watching Mica play. He'd move the ball around to get a better hit at it.
  • Isaak just liked setting the ball in the hole, which was just fine with me.
  • When we went to leave Mica and Isaak spotted the video games. We do not play any at home.
  • They both sat in their seats to their car games, and acted as though they were playing, but they were not.

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