Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Odd Habits

  • Isaak's getting at the age where he has odd habits. I remember when Mica went through this stage.
  • Mica tried to blow bubbles and drink bath water. Now Isaak's doing the same. I stop Isaak and say, "Isaak that's gross water. We clean ourselves in this water, if you want a drink from the kitchen I'll get you one."
  • He puts his fingers and food in his drink. I weaned him from a sippy cup, now I'm thinking if he doesn't stop putting things in his drink we may have to go back to a sippy cup.
  • He tried hitting start on the microwave twice when I was cooking dinner.
  • If hats are laying around he wants them on his head. Sometimes more then one on his head.
  • There was tissue paper on the floor, and Isaak was trying to wipe his behind with it like he was done with going potty.
  • There was a gift bag laying around from Father's Day and Isaak has been walking around filling it with small toys, emptying it and filling it again.

1 comment:

Felicia said...

LOL! That's a boy for you I guess!!


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