Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Night

  • We met up with some family for pizza, pool and fun. 
  • I skipped the pizza and brought something more healthy for me to eat.
  • The boys had fun. 
  • Mica couldn't wait to go swimming. He did bite his tongue and lost a lens from his goggles while in the pool. He was in tears over the lens. Later Aunt Terra found the lens.
  • Isaak was fussy! He liked swimming. He did decide to jump up and down on the shallow 0 foot end, fell and banged his head on the concrete. It wasn't too hard (sigh of relief!)
  • He spent most of the time out of the water playing on the play ground equipment that was indoors. He was pretty interested in what other kids were playing.
  • I saw what I thought was ice on the floor. It never would melt. Isaak was jumping up and down, and I realized what I thought was ice was the insides of his diaper hitting the ground.
  • I took both boys to the bathroom right away! Mica was standing behind the door. I asked him to move, and bam a lady opened it up right into his nose. She felt so bad. I told her it was a life lesson for him.

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