Monday, July 26, 2010

Zoo Time

  • We went to the zoo on Saturday with our company.
  • It was fun minus a few events. Isaak and Mica were tired in the car before we even got there because they stayed up way too late the night before, and got up at their usual time. They were more irritable then usual.
Here Isaak is ready to go at the zoo. 
The line was really long, and the parking lot was full.
Isaak talking to a goat. He seemed to like them, except when a goat bumped into him. He didn't like that too much.
Ahh...the Madagascar exhibit. This is when Mica had a melt down! He was so disappointed that the characters from Disney's Madagascar movie were not in this exhibit!  Mica told me, "Mommy we have to find a zoo person to ask where Melman (the giraffe in the movie) is at!" We made sure we saw some giraffe's after the exhibit.
A lemur standing on a turtle.
Pretty fish.

The sky lift. I was with Mica. He said, "Don't be scared Mommy." I do not like to be up high! He's much braver then I.

Daddy and Isaak. Behind them is part of our company.

Our company. Kim, Neil and their son Niko. They are friends from college. Their son is so cute!

Some animals we saw.

This is what my whole family needed, a nap! We had fun, but we were also very sleepy!

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