Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mica!

  • Today is Mica's birthday! He woke up, and we started singing to him. He said, "No, no stop singing. You have to only sing when we have the robot cake!" We kept singing anyhow. 
  • He'll get his presents from us tonight. Then he has a family party this weekend and a friend party the weekend after. I'm hoping more of his friends RSVP because none of his preschool friends from last year have. Mica so wanted them to come over to our house. 
  • Here's a letter to Mica,
Dear Mica,

You're already half a decade old! I remember very well the day you were born. You were breech, and would not turn. I tried everything from lying on an elevated ironing board upside down to having the doctor's try and turn you from the outside. Nothing worked! I went in for a c-section. You came out mooning the doctors!

I love watching you play! You have a very good imagination. Right now your favorite things are: Anything Toy Story, building anything from train tracks to Lego towers. You still love to have books read to you, you're starting to read little words on your own!

Mica I'm very excited how independent you've become in the last year. I have to admit I do like it when you need help from time to time. You're a good big brother and son!

I love you!


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