Sunday, August 8, 2010

Children's Museum - Lincoln, Nebraska

  • The boy's were very excited to visit the children's museum in Lincoln, Nebraska!
  • Mica was literally jumping up and down with a smile on his face!
  • This is were we got a lot of pictures.
The Boy's Posing Outside the Museum with Statues
The boy's in Their Fire Truck

The Boy's in a Police Motorcycle

 The Boy's in a Plane

 Mica in a Tractor
Daddy was Happy to Play Dress Up!
Mommy and Isaak in Big Chairs

Daddy and Isaak Hanging Out on the Street
Mica Playing in the Water Section
  • This is only half of what they had. The boy's were all over the place! It was hard getting photo's of them that were not blurry!
  • One of Mica's favorites was what I called "The Mole Holes." They were holes and hills that kids could climb in and come out somewhere else. I thought it looked like fun, but I hated that Mica would go in and disappear. It made me think of a kid being kidnapped, and a parent not knowing. Isaak got kicked by an older kid, so we just had to watch them all over.
  • Isaak liked the BIG Melissa and Doug full sized dogs that were in the vet.
  • They had all kinds of play stations including a pizza parlor, vet, doctor's office, grocery store, 911, farm and more!

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