Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not a Good Morning!

  • We woke up later then we should have. I don't remember my alarm even going off. Luckily Mica woke up, which woke us up.
  • It was raining. I was sneezing up a storm! I have a headache that feels like I drank a bunch of beers the night before, but I didn't. I call it the "Hangover Wanna be Headache." Why have my allergies always acted up the most when it rains out? Isn't the rain supposed to wash all the crap in the air away? There's probably so much pollution up in the air, that it takes awhile to wash it away.
  • Then Mica got a bloody nose AGAIN.
  • Isaak woke up poopy AGAIN.
  • I teach today, so I had to lecture for an hour when I first got to work. Surprisingly I talked pretty good I thought. There was an interview on my PowerPoint with an artist, whom I featured their work. I picked a girl that was fading in and out of sleep to read the questions, while I read the answers. Class involvement is the BEST. I don't really blame her for fading in and out of sleep when we were sitting in a dark room, it's morning time and raining outside.
  • Ending this post on a positive note: Daddy has an interview today with the Bemis to teach two, two hour classes for the Kent Bellows Foundation. This would look GREAT on his resume. Daddy found out yesterday that he's already listed on their schedule to teach, and he hasn't even had the interview yet. That's a positive sign! Keep your fingers crossed for him!
  • Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs (Mom and Dad) for watching the boys while Daddy (Travis) goes on his interview! Grandparents (Parents) are the BEST!

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Dee said...

Hope it gets better for you!

Good luck to daddy!


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