Monday, August 16, 2010

Preschool Get Together

  • Mica had his first preschool event for the year. This is the first time cousin Evan didn't join him. Evan started kindergarten today! I happy and sad for this. I'm happy for Evan, but I'm sad that Mica will have only 2 year old playmates while Evan is in school. I also feel for Aunt Terra, my sister who has a son that's growing up. I asked her if she thought she might cry? She said, "Yes." Just thinking about it makes me want to cry, and it's not even my own kid, it's my nephew.
  • Mica acted shy at his preschool get together at first. His so called girlfriend Alison was there because her sister Emma will be in Mica's class. Alison is going to kindergarten. 
  • There's more boy's in Mica's class this year, which is the opposite of last year. 
  • Mica was running around with a boy playing tag soon after we got there. I was a happy camper!
  • Last year Mica didn't seem to connect with the only other boy in his class besides Evan.
  • He has a Landon and Hunter in his class. One more boy might be joining the group. There is two girls counting Emma, the other one is Kadde (pronounced Katie).
  • I was asked to have Mica go on Wed and Friday instead of Mon and Wed. Friday is the additional day if they are signed up for 3 days a week. I guess only 1 boy is signed up for 3 days, so they'd like Mica in there with him. They are going to work on more advanced stuff that day since it's just the 2 of them. In particular math and reading. YAY!
  • Isaak held on to me with all his might during the whole get together. When I let go of him to signal that I didn't want to hold him any longer, he gripped on. When I set him down his eyebrows went up, and he'd start to cry. He might be cutting his top molars now.
  • Everyone is growing up way too fast in one way. Elijah and Isaak's have a mouth full of teeth now, talking clearer everyday, Evan is in kindergarten, Mica is starting to read site words. 
  • In another way I can't wait for more independence. Mica will be starting to read his own books in a few years, going to kindergarten next year, Isaak will be learning to dress himself towards the end of winter and those things will be less work for me.

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