Thursday, December 23, 2010


  • Daddy showed the boys a flick on YouTube about the biggest crocodile known to man.
  • Mica was super into it. Isaak was too scared to watch it. 
  • Later on Daddy showed Mica how to draw a crocodile. Here it is:
Daddy's Crocodile's
  • The crocodile above is how Daddy would draw one. Then Daddy drew the one below that to show Mica how to simplify it.
  • Here's Mica's version of a crocodile, well 2 of them:
Mica's Crocodile's, a Fish and an Ice Cream Cone

Close Up of Mica's Crocodile
  • I thought it was pretty cool!
  • The top crocodile is going after an ice cream cone. That's what they eat I guess. I thought it was a muffin. My bad!
  • Below the bottom crocodile is a fish. I could tell with the fins.


Candace said...

Those are great! You have a house full of artists there! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and for commenting.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Unknown said...

Mica did very well with his drawing of the crocodile, ice cream cone, and fish. I think the fish is for the crocodile to eat and the ice cream cone for dessert while little kids hurry up and get out of the water before becoming part of the meal!


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