Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work Christmas Parties

  • We went to Daddy's work Christmas party on Saturday night. I brought a huge plate of cookies/goodies and Daddy made a wonderful bruschetta appetizer.
  • Daddy's appetizer went within the first thirty min. We were the first ones that showed up, so people didn't start eating for awhile. 
  • My huge plate of cookies/goodies was gone before the end of the night. 
  • Mica had fun playing with the kids, while Isaak stuck to our side.
  • Later on we found out that one boy was too rough with two of the kids {Mica being one of them}. 
  • This is the first year we didn't watch Mica, and just let him roam and play. He's a pretty good kid. 
  • Just like with driving, you can't trust the other cars on the road. 
  • Mica and the kid his age didn't get hurt. They were just soar from being wrestled with. The wrestler was twice their size and old enough to know better.
  • My work party was today. They just have the employee's get together. It was during lunch at a restaurant called Grisanti's. I have 1/2 my food left.  It's really good Italian food! I filled up on salad and appetizers.
  • We always have a gag gift exchange. I ended up with a set of glass snowmen ornaments. I gave a wolf paint by number. I figured for an art school, a paint by number was a perfect gag gift.

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