Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moose Horns on Mica's Head

  • I've been telling Mica that he has moose horns growing from his head. We call him, "Mica Moose". 
  • I told him that growing horns runs in the family. 
  • I told him how Mommy has a nub of a horn on the right side of my head. I have a small cyst on my head in the spot where one would grow. I had him feel.
  • Grandma Spiehs joined in, and she has more small cysts on her head. 
  • Disgusting I'm sure, but funny none the less!
  • I said, "See Mica! Soon you'll be growing moose horns too! I feel them right here". 
  • He felt around, and had wide eyes!
  • Yesterday Mica told me, "Mommy when I grow moose horns I can run them into people"!
  • I told him, "No! You have to protect your moose horns! They do come in handy with holding things that you get tired of holding with your hands".
  • Last night he picked out the book, Moosetache to read. 
  • I wonder if he's truly convinced that he has moose horns growing out of his head?

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