Monday, December 13, 2010

Romantic Son's?

Romantic Isaak?
  • I was sitting on the bed with Daddy and Isaak. Isaak literally flings himself at me. He starts kissing all over my face like a soap opera star. 
  • I couldn't help but to laugh. He does it again. GREAT! Look what I started!
  • I know Daddy and I don't kiss each other like this in font of him. Nor does he watch TV with kissing like this. Heck the boy doesn't even like TV!
Romantic Mica?
  • Mica tells us last night at dinner, "Presley is my girlfriend." 
  • I asked, "Why do you like her Mica?" 
  • He says, "Because of all the bows she wears in her hair! I think she's pretty."
  • He pauses. Then says, "But I'll never kiss her!" He had a big smile on his face.
  • Kenzie is his girlfriend at the other school he goes to. Poor Kadie has liked him since the beginning of the year! She tries to hold his hand on field trips. Mica doesn't give her the time of day!

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