Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trip to Walmart

  • I usually shop at Target, Costco and I have my picks of grocery stores. 
  • I went to Walmart today just because I still had a gift card from my boss that I got at Christmas time. It wasn't too busy, but I hate shopping when I don't know where everything is at!
  • Isaak was asked every 10 minutes if he had to go potty?!?!?! I took him before we left.
  • Two minutes after I asked him and he said, "No Mommy!" pee was running from the cart onto the floor. 
  • It was a mad rush to the bathroom. I was pretty calm about it. It's bound to happen. I did however say time and time again that he needed to tell Mommy before he has to go. 
  • The boy doesn't like going in public because there is no step stool, he's stubborn, two years old and many restrooms have the automatic flushers. He's scared to death of automatic flushers. Talk about water wasters too!!! 
  • Mica asked if he could have something down each isle we went down, but accepted my, "No." He was surprised when I said, "Yes" to hot dogs. I had a coupon, and they were the angus beef ones. Something we just don't usually get.

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Canadian Coupon Mom said...

Oh automatic flushers! OMG my son was scared to the point he didn't want to use a toilet every again especially out of the house..


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