Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Right on the Walls Review

  • Shortly after Christmas things started to fall apart. My Grandma Kent that has Alzheimer's disease ran away while my Grandpa Kent was in the shower.
  • She was found three miles from their home on the ground. Her hand was broken, she was wearing my Grandpa's shoe on one foot, a slipper on the other foot and had no coat on.
  • I tried thinking right away of things I could do to help her to not run away. A company called Right on the Walls really helped out!
  • They custom made a faux shelf that was made to fit on their door to camouflage it.
  • I was so happy that they were able to do this for my Grandma! I had looked for awhile to find one company that would put something like this together.
  •  Right on the Walls made this for me in a very timely fashion! 
  • A few other things happened with Grandma, and she had to move into a special home. It was getting to the point where we were worried about the safety of Grandma and Grandpa.
  • I still wanted to give my Grandma the shelf that was made specially for her.

  • I finally had a chance to visit my grandma this past weekend. I was sick for two weeks, and did not want to pass what I had to her!
  • Her room is cute. Her door is wide open for her to roam free inside the place. Putting her faux shelf on her door has lost its meaning.
  • Her bathroom was bare, so I decided that would be a great spot for her shelf from Right on the Walls.

  • I'm really glad my Dad joined me to help put the shelf up. It would have been hard to put the shelf up myself. The process was definitely a two person job.
  • I love that Right on the Walls included a scraper to help work the bubbles out of the print when putting it up. We still ended up with some small bubbles. The adhesive was pretty sticky, so it was good to work fast.
  • The shelf looks 3 dimensional, which is great for my original intent of camouflaging a door. 
  • I love that it won't damage the wall surface. 
  • Although my Grandma can not express what she likes the same way she used to, she nods and has a twinkle in her eye when she likes something. She seemed to like her shelf. 
  • Thank you Right on the Walls.

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Canadian Coupon Mom said...

Wow that is a really great idea. I am happy to hear your grandma is safe.


What I Did Today said...

So sorry for your grandma. What a sweet thing to give to her. So glad that she was found and is ok.


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