Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick Mica, Well Isaak

  • It happened, Mica is sick with the stomach flu now too. 
  • Around 5 this morning he ran for the toilet. He hit most of the toilet, and missed a little bit. I clean him up, and wanted Daddy no where near it. Daddy hasn't gotten it yet.
  • I feel bad because Aunt Terra {who is pregnant} has kept her boy's away from mine for two days; yesterday she brought them over. Isaak and I haven't been sick since Monday, so we thought we were in the clear.
  • With snow days and being sick, Mica's missed preschool all week.
  • I'm glad we've had a few snow days at my work this week, so I can easily stay home without getting too far behind.

I made a bed for Mica on the couch this morning.
He looks awful! Just not his smiley self.

    Isaak went to his room and drug out his blanket and pillow to lay on the opposite couch.
    He looks the opposite of Mica. He's happy and giddy because he has a blanket and pillow just like his brother.

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      What I Did Today said...

      Cute boys. So sorry Mica's is sick - poor lil guy. Got my fingers crossed for Aunt Terra!


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