Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Things Mica Says!

  • Mica told me, "Mommy you won't have your boyfriend today, which is me of course and I'm sick." A run on sentence, but that's how he said it. 
  • He also told me, "Mommy I can't leave the couch! I have a curse to stay here." 
  • I kept mentioning to Mica that how he felt today was how Isaak and Mommy felt on Monday. 
  • That's why on Monday we weren't up for playing with him. 
  • He shook his head like he understood.

    1 comment:

    What I Did Today said...

    Hahahaha! How cute. A boyfriend on a cursed couch, huh? You're a lucky woman to have such humor in your house!


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