Saturday, February 26, 2011

CSN | Stores Product Review

CSN | Stores contacted me for another product review. They have so many products in their stores!

We were in need of new salt and pepper shakers. I dropped our old pepper shaker. This is what it looked like:


CSN | Stores had quite a few salt and pepper shakers to choose from! We decided to go with OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set that was originally $47.99, but now marked down to $39.89.

A few things about this product:
  • It's rated 5 stars on  CSN | Stores website. The rating is something I always look at before buying anything!
  • The set comes together. I found that a lot of grinders were sold separately.
  • The material is stainless steel.
  • It's easy to add the salt and pepper. Maybe a little too easy. Daddy didn't realize the bottle was loose and dumped pepper all over the counter. It's our fault for not checking it after it shipped to us.
  • The clear bodies allow you to see when they need to be filled back up.    
  • I was very happy to try our new salt and pepper shakers out for one of our breakfast's.
  • They really helped to make the perfect hard boiled egg!
  • The result: Totally yummy!!!!!!!!
Making a Perfect Egg:
Place eggs in a steamer. This way the eggs do not sit on the bottom of the pan where it's the hottest. We find they cook more even this way. Let them work up to a boil.
After the eggs hit a boiling point remove them off of the burner, but keep a lid on them for 15 minutes.

A perfect hard boiled egg!

Even more perfect with salt and pepper.

Please take some time to visit CSN | Stores! They do have such a great selection. If you are needing a new salt and pepper grinder set, I highly recommend this one!


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