Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Heart You Daddy - Sticky Notes

  • I had an idea. It was a sudden impulse idea. 
  • I told Mica and Isaak that when we got home we were going to do something special for Daddy.
  • I asked if they were going to help me? They were in!
  • I made tons of these sticky notes. Ya, this is not exactly an environmental, tree hugging plan. 
It Says "We Heart U Daddy". I made many of them!
  • Mica kept asking me where to put the sticky notes? Isaak kept needing help sticking them to things. But the boy's were super excited! 
  • It was like Easter watching them run around!
The sticky notes were all over the kitchen, stuck to the TV, stuck to Daddy's alarm clock, on all the doors, lets just say we put them everywhere!
  • Then Daddy got home. Mica ran to him and said, "Daddy you need to close your eye's." 
  • The boy's were on super speed then! They were running around sticking notes here and there. They looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Ok...not so nice of an image, but you get my point.
Daddy collecting notes.
  • Mica told Daddy where most of them were. ;)
  • Daddy enjoyed it!

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