Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Red rashes like this all over his legs, lower tummy and some on his face. They were warm too.
  • Yesterday Isaak had a few hives on his face. I thought his skin was just being sensitive. Sometimes I just get hives on my face for no apparent reason. Both of our boy's have had problems with baby eczema. 
  • Today the splotches were worse. 
  • Mica's allergic to Penicillin and I'm allergic to Sulfa. Grandma Spiehs and Grandma Apel are both allergic to some antibiotic's as well.
  • When I had an allergic reaction to Sulfa, it was BAD! I had to get a shot of Steroids. I looked and was shaking like a junkie. My face went from narrow to round. Grandma Spiehs thought my throat was going to close up. I called the allergy clinic, they said to take another pill and call if it was still bad in the morning. I'm glad Grandma Spiehs {Mom} knew better! I went to the allergy clinic the next day, and the nurse came in and said looking down at her chart, "It says here that you have hives. Where are they?" She looked up and saw them right away. Then she called other nurses to come in and see me. 
  • Mica got his reaction when he had his crazy staph infection. He was on IV antibiotics and broke out all over in the middle of the night. He also got the Rotavirus, which they now have a vaccine for. That poor boy had a rough go of it at 7 months!
  • Isaak's not as bad as Mica and I were. He got done with his antibiotic at the tail end of last week. I can't stop giving it to him. I put in a call to the doctor's nurse. Now all we can do is wait...

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What I Did Today said...

Geez! You guys are having quite the season! It'll be over soon.


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