Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yesturday I Watched Four Boys

  • Yesterday and the day before I watch my two and my two nephews. 
  • Daddy certainly helped. He did most of the running. 
  • I got the meals together. 
  • Mica and cousin Evan argued about how a drawing of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow should look. 
  • I kept trying to tell Mica that there are different styles of drawing. I don't think he understood. Then I explained that you can hurt people's feelings when you tell them that you don't like their drawings. I said, "Just draw your version of what you think it should look like, and leave it at that." 
  • I went on to explain how he wouldn't like it if I said one of his drawings was bad. I think it finally sunk in. 
  • For the record, Evan's pot of gold drawing had more detail then Mica's. I didn't dare tell him that though.

  • Isaak and cousin Elijah played pretty good together. 
  • I heard my nephew Elijah crying in the living room, while I was in the kitchen. 
  • He was kind of a clumsy kid because he has the cold we had. I thought he just bumped into something like he did previously.
This is what I saw: 
  • Isaak had him tackled, and wouldn't get up. To make matters worse I said, "Hold on! Let me get a camera before you get up!"
  • Elijah stopped crying after I said that.

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