Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Almost Had to Call Poison Control Today!

  • We came home from Costco, and of course there was a lot of stuff to unload. I knew we were low on dishwasher soap bubbles. I brought some up, and asked Mica to refill our tin that's under the sink. I got the tin out, and showed him where the wrapped soap bubbles were to fill up the tin. Then I shut the cupboard under the sink.
  • I was in the same room unloading groceries. 
  • I noticed something was in Isaak's mouth. 
  • It was the center part of a soap bubble!
  • He spit it out into my hand. 
  • I'm so glad Isaak did not swallow this! I would have been so fearful, and would have had to call poison control! 
  • Isaak got a lecture. 
  • This kid hasn't tried to put anything foreign in his mouth since he was crawling! 
  • He's Mr. Curious lately. Getting into the toilet, he bit a hole into a foam bowling pin that Mica has {didn't swallow any of it}, and now this dishwasher soap bubble thing!
  • I feel like we watch our kid's really well, I'm hardly in a different room from our boy's. Obviously I need to keep a major watch on him!

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