Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today I Went Shopping and Visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent

  • I picked up Grandma Spiehs and we went shopping. I wanted to go to this store called, No Girls Allowed. I was excited that there was a store that was for boys! I imagined a store full of boy toys and boy clothes. Hip in every way. There are so many stores out there for girls.
  • We drove around and could not find it. Finally we stopped in a store called, Chicks to ask. Chicks was a boutique type of store full of mostly girl things. 
  • We asked if they knew where, No Girls Allowed was at? It was a vendor in their store. It was a tiny corner that had stuff for boys and girls. Go figure. 
  • I was disappointed. My disappointment was somewhat relieved when I found out the stuff was 50% off. 
  • I ended up getting an Automoblox set of 3 cars. They are for ages 3 and up, so I'll probably give them to Isaak for his birthday, or Christmas. I do get stuff year around for Christmas. 
  • I also got a few boy wallets. 
  • Isaak loves to role play. Mica needs to learn about money {like which coin is a quarter and so on.}
  • We stopped to visit Great Grandma Kent in her newish home. 
  • Mica kept telling us that he was going to stay in the car while we went in to see her.
  • I honestly think a part of him was scared to go see Great Grandma Kent in her newish home. 
  • We went to see her once before, and Mica was quiet the whole time. He was acting pretty odd. 
  • We kept asking him why he felt scared, and he wouldn't tell us. 
  • He did act alright once we went in. Except both boys wouldn't give Great Grandma Kent a hug when it was time to leave. 
  • I wonder if it's common for kids to be scared of nursing homes and other homes similar to nursing homes?
  • Always in the past Great Grandma Kent and the boy's were magnetic. 
  • We then stopped in to see Great Grandpa Kent at his house. 
  • The boy's were really excited to be there. So much so that they didn't want to leave.

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