Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day readers!

I don't expect to get anything for Mother's Day. I kind of think Birthday's and Christmas is plenty. Mica did make me a frame at school with a photo of himself in the center. Daddy took the boy's out last night to get me earrings, lotion and good smelling sample size hand sanitizer.

I set the boy's clothes out and Mica did not want to wear this shirt. I was an evil mom and told him that it would be nice for him to wear this shirt for me on Mother's Day.

To the left below the boy's were getting ready to fight over a leaf. To the right below Mica was trying to pose with his arm around Isaak; Isaak was being a punk, and was running away.

I knew one of our grocery stores was giving away a free breakfast with the purchase of any other breakfast, so we went there. Isaak gobbled down a ton of food! Mica said it was the best breakfast he had ever had.

Now I'm attempting to make homemade crayons. I've been saving the drip wax from the printers at the school I work at. I'm melting the wax in a tin can, and pouring it in candy molds. If this works I'll buy better candy molds. Something a little more fun for the kids. I only have typical chocolate candy looking ones. I want to see if it works though. I'll also post about it if it's a success! The only thing is, is that the wax is dark in color. It colors green, black or blue, but looks black. I'm recycling something that would be thrown away anyhow.

I thought making crayon's would be fun for the kids, but Mica cranking about wanting to watch a movie, and Isaak's had 2 time-outs for hitting and spitting. It might be a trying day. We will see. Maybe I'll give in and let them watch a movie while the wax is melting. I can get their patches they earned at the Lowes Kid's Clinic sewn on their apron's from yesterday.

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