Monday, May 9, 2011

School in the Fall Coming Right Up

In some way I'm so ready for Mica to be in Kindergarten, in other ways I'm a little sad that he's growing up so fast. Last year I was upset that he was the only kid not graduating from his old preschool class. They all went on to graduation {with robes and craziness}, while Mica sat out. I actually didn't have him attend at all. I felt like he'll have the rest of his life to experience being left out. Why torment him at such a young age, when he doesn't understand? I still feel like preschool graduations with robes and such are too much! what happened to the simple kool-aid and cookie farewell? He'll be on the older end for kindergarten. He starts just right after he turns 6 years old. He's really ready. The boy has known his letters since he was 2 1/2 years old. But last year at this time he was unwilling to cut and color much of anything. His preschool teachers actually thought that there might be something wrong in the muscles in his hands. Now he's a cutting, coloring fool! Meaning he does it all the time.

Tomorrow we're going to eat lunch at Mica's soon to be school. We get to eat with the existing kindergarten class.

Then Isaak starts preschool. I was a little worried about him because he's so stinking shy! He's a leg clinger. In the last two weeks he's started to be a little more friendly to the outside world. He actually says, "Hi" to random people in stores. That's both good and bad. Good that he's not as shy; bad that you shouldn't talk to strangers. What's your opinion, is it ok for kid's to talk to strangers when they are with their parents? Isaak's just been saying, "Hi" to everyone, and I started thinking about that. He's all into drawing, painting, playing with Play Doh. Not too into letters yet. I swear Mica learned his letters from Wheel of Fortune. We have the TV off at that time of day now. He does know how to spell his name thanks to the book I won around Christmas from Freckle Box!

Go Graham Go! is hosting a giveaway for one winner to win a backpack from Kidorable. Go Graham Go! even has a 20% discount code on her site for Kidorable. I won an umbrella from them, it's pretty sweet! Seeing that I have two kids about to start new schools, I want to win this.

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Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

Kindergarten is such a big step for us moms! :)

I still have a couple years for my little one, but my older will start his last year in elementary school!
good luck with the giveaway!


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