Friday, May 13, 2011

What Elijah Said

  • On Monday cousin Elijah was eating his breakfast when I went to drop off Mica and Isaak.
  • Somehow we started talking about babies. I asked Elijah if he had a baby in his tummy? I of course was totally teasing him. He giggled and said, "No Mommy has baby Irmasen in her belly!" 
  • For the record Aunt Terra has a baby Emerson in her belly.
  • I was getting ready to leave for work Wednesday morning. Mica was playing with cousin Evan and Isaak was playing with cousin Elijah. 
  • I shouted out to Isaak and Elijah, "Goodbye Lovey's"! I know "Lovey's" isn't really a word. 
  • Elijah started cracking up! He said, "Isaak she just called us 'Lovey's!'" 
 Penis Talk
  • We went to go pick up the boy's from Aunt Terra's house. Isaak and Elijah were in the back bedroom playing.
  • I went to go see Isaak. I crept down the hallway. Then I heard Elijah say to Isaak, "See this is his penis." I peeked my head in. Isaak said, "I know that does look like his penis." 
  • These two tot's were talking about a naked Cabbage Patch Kid. The penis that they were talking about was the outie belly button. I just had to laugh. 
  • Later on I corrected them. Elijah looked up at me and said, "Well where is his penis then?" I told him that dolls don't always come with a penis.

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