Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Year Old's!

Yesterday Daddy and Mica were playing outside. Two neighborhood kids were playing in their backyard. One is 3 and the other upper elementary. The 3 year year old grabs the Frisbee right out of his brother's hands. The older kid said, "Give it back, or I'm going to tell Mom!" The 3 year old starts running away, Frisbee in hand. He gabs it into his brother's back.

Today cousin Elijah, who is also 3 started slapping his older brother multiple times just because he wanted a turn at throwing a ball.

I'm not alone! I may have a 3 year old that's a punk, but he can also be a sweet heart. I'm just hoping we get over this throwing, hitting phase really soon! Oh did I mention that he threw a toy into Elijah's eye last Friday? Yep Elijah has a black eye. I was hoping that Aunt Terra was exaggerating over the phone! Terra's due any day now! Elijah's has a shiner! That will look just great in their family photo's! NOT!

Isaak you're mommy little punk! I may have to give you MANY time outs! Please learn that negative behavior is not cool! I love you!


What I Did Today said...

Boy am I in trouble if my 1 year old is acting like all of these 3 year olds! Isaak is sure a cute little punk. But poor Elijah! Haha!

Liz Mays said...

Oh geez, that's a lot of roughhousing. I hope it's a short term thing!

Natalie said...

They are so young and have a hard time controlling their feelings. In time it gets better!


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