Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Time to Come Up With Birthday Ideas

My birthday is right around the corner. June 21, the first day of summer, sometimes lands on Father's Day and Aunt Terra's due date.

Aunt Angela called to ask for ideas from me. I have to be honest I haven't even thought about it. My mind has been all over the place lately. Usually when I see little kid things I jot them down. What about ideas for mom's!?! What about ideas for dads!?! That will be another post. I have Father's Day figured out already. I know stores I like, so usually I go to them to figure out what I want.

Ideas for me:
  • Red Robot Necklace at Hot Topic for $12.00 found here. I like the Robot ID tag necklace too at Hot Topic for $14 found here. Why do I like them? Red's my favorite color. My boy's are into robots, so naturally I'm into them too.
  • I like water bottles like this. It doesn't have to be the same one. Just something similar.

  • Speaking of which I'd love a glass pitcher or two. All I have is plastic, probably not BPA Free ones. I saw one on Target's site for $14.99. It has a lid. I liked the ones at Pottery Barn, but they don't have lids. One of those would be ok on days we make juice from our juicer, but I'd like one for other juices too. Kind of nice to have a lid.
  • The Afternoon is one of my favorite shops in Omaha!!!!! I heart their selection of children's books! Some of the most creative and inspiring! I've bought a few just for me in the past.
5 Piece canning set. Ya I want to learn. I'm sure this type of thing could be purchased elsewhere, but I saw it here. Oh and it's red, again my favorite color.
They have another cute robot necklace, but it's much more then the above ones. Probably because it's custom. Sweet looking!

This Alice and Wonderland Bracelet is cool!

They also just started selling Karine Demers' art. I think I love it. Funky, yet cool! A book by her would be great too!

It's too bad I only have boy's. Sorry boy's I love you, but one girl to join me would have been nice. I love these stacking glasses made off of the Russian stacking dolls!

  • Uncommon Goods is my favorite online store. Well they have a store in New York, but I live in Nebraska. Grandma Spiehs and I love their packaging! I know too late for family to get me anything from there, but their products are sweet. Rain check please. New Age Mama is hosting a giveaway for a winner to pick from any gifts for men $50 or less!
I like these pillows:
An indoor composter that doesn't smell. It sits under the sink. Totally great, but I would have to clean under my sink to make it fit. ;) Right now we use just a bucket. They have other's, other places. A great idea! We have a huge backyard for a city, so why not compost the heck out of our veggie and fruit peelings!?!
  • Random, but cute and can be found here. I like owls right now. I like that they can move their heads so well! I'm jealous, I wish I could move my head like they can! Imagine how well I could see my kids and students. HA

Ok now you know what I like! I look for things that are artsy, inspiring, different and functional. My likes might be way too odd for you. I'm a little odd.

What do you like?  Do you like what I like? It's ok if you say, "NO!" I'll like what I like anyhow. ;) It would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same!


Liz Mays said...

I like those robot earrings too, and I have a thing for nesting dolls so those glasses are so great!

Nikki said...

The Alice in Wonderland bracelet is my favorite!


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