Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eye Update

If you read about Isaak's sluggish eye and my concerns, he woke up and his eye was back to normal!

This is what it did look like.

That was super strange! I have no clue what happened to his eye. I've seen eyes get swollen because of an allergy or bug bite. I've never seen an eye get sluggish like that.

Last night I looked online a little. There was one site that talked about Trichiasis, it's where an eyelash grows abnormally and scratches the cornea. I thought it could possibly. That usually happens in elderly people, but can happen in younger folks. Isaak has super long, beautiful lashes that I'm jealous of.

Now that everything is ok, I guess I should stop thinking about it. I'm one of those people that want to understand the human body, and why it does what it does.

Another Note: Cousin Elijah almost had to go to the ER last night as well. He woke up wheezing, coughing, crying like crazy! I sure hope he doesn't have asthma! I had it when I was little. It comes back with cold/exercise. I also had a few attacks when I lived in Savannah, GA. The pollen was so bad there that you could see yellow powder all over the cars! Cats can put me in a fight to breathe as well. Fighting to breath is scary! Fingers crossed that Elijah just had a bad dream and he had allergy issues from playing outside! That family doesn't need another thing to worry about!

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