Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Night We Went to Borders

I am completely saddened by Borders closing their doors. I'm sad not only because they are a great store, but also that technology is taking over, it worries me with the future of our kids and all their employee's that will lose their job's in this crappy economy.

I'm for technology. Here I have a blog, I have the latest, greatest laptop and I have a good camera. At the same time technology has hurt bookstores and killed Borders! It reminds me of the book Farenheit 451, where people burned books instead of buying them. Ok, so we're not there, but bookstores and probably publishing companies are hurting.

Illustrator's and photographer's have been hurting the last two decades do to Stock Houses. Why buy original artwork, when you can get cheaper, reproduced pieces online?

Then there's the music industry. I feel for them to! Why buy a CD if you can download the song you want for free or cheap?

The movie industry is hurting too. Hummm...shall I say Blockbuster.

Did you know that they are taking cursive writing out of most schools because they want to push typing?

Yep technology is our best friend and our worst enemy!

Last night I lined up to look through books that were marked down. Many were only 10% off, and others were 40% off.

I called up Aunt Terra to see if she wanted me to get her boy's anything? I got Elijah Usborne's Illustrated Stories for Boy's and a similar book for my own boys.

Mica spotted this comic book (images found here):

Their Christmas stuff was marked down pretty good, so we picked out a few Christmas classic stories. Daddy and I got a few books as well. I also got the original Karate Kid movie.

Other random bits: 

Mica pulled out his comic book to look at first thing when he woke up!

Isaak asked to look in the mirror last night and this morning just to make sure his eye looked normal. It does, but that was scary!

I'm pretty sure I've developed an allergy to latex like Aunt Terra and Grandma Spiehs. I have a burn that I got while making cookies. It is healing, but it also started peeling because my arm rubs against my shirt. When I carry things, it rubs the burn as well. I've put on Neosporin and a Band-Aid. Well I can't stand it because the Band-Aid itches my skin like CRAZY! Band-Aids have itched before, but nothing like now!


Quirky Homemaker said...

I had heard that they were doing the typing thing instead of cursive. My husband keeps telling me he doesn't know anyone who writes in cursive anyway. I DO all the time!

Anonymous said...

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