Friday, July 29, 2011

He Got Punched in the Nose!

Mica woke up this morning with dried blood on his nose. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to take care of a bloody nose himself. We never budged because he never woke us up.

He told me that he had a bad dream about a thunderstorm and punched himself in the nose to get the bad dream out of his head. Then his nose started bleeding. Disturbing to say the least! I told him not to punch himself in the nose, or anywhere else for that matter. Then I mentioned that he can wake us up to talk about his bad dreams!

I knew something was bothering him. Yesterday evening we had nasty looking clouds hovering above. Everyone wanted it really quiet at Aunt Terra's house, so they could listen to the meteorologist on the TV. Mica was really quiet and cuddly after that.

He has told me before that he doesn't want to travel anywhere where there are hurricanes and he hates when there are thunderstorms. I mentioned that all places have disasters that happen. I also told him that it's normal to be afraid of storms and such. He just needs to talk to us about his fears.

Even though he's scared of storms, he is intrigued by them as well. As humans I think it's natural to want to know more about things we find dangerous. Then when we know too much we're scared of what we've learned.

I'm not glad Mica is scared of storms, but I am glad that he is scared of something. He has always been that kid that seemed fearless. He's rode on rides and had no fear. Bugs and snakes do not scare him. He's always loved water dumped over his head at bath time. He climbs things pretty fearless.

As far as the punching himself in the face to remove a thought; that's not good! It concerns me. I want him to feel comfortable to talk to us. He seemed to understand that it's not cool to punch yourself in the face. I hope that was a one time thing.

I know I've done silly things like that before. Someone told me once that rubbing a pencil on your skin in the same area long and hard enough would leave a forever mark. When I was about 8 years old I did that; not long enough for it to be permanent though. I also tried to dig in the sand at recess time with my friends when I was 5 years old. We were trying to get to China. That never happened.


Unknown said...

Kids love to scare the heck out of us don't they!!! I think I would do the same thing you are doing, talk it over with him, explain better options and then chalk it up to a one time experiment. If it was to happen again I would probably look into it. Some kids can express there aniexty physically. I think that he told you about it is a great sign, he knows you are a safe place. I too remeber doing some goofy things as a kid. I got your lovely comment on my post about my son's bear. I'm so sorry about your sisters baby. What a hard time this is for you all. Feel free to contact me on VoiceBoks if you want to talk further about children with special needs. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister and your families.

~Wendie said...

Alissa - you have a beautiful family - I love all the pictures that you include in your blog! And your nephew - BEAUTIFUL - he's amazing. blessings and prayers being sent his way. Keep the stories coming!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mother Alissa. The fact that your son knows that he can talk to you, in itself is great. When I was a child I could never speak to my parents so frankly and I did cry some nights all by myself. He is a boy so he did what boys do, punched.

God bless...I hope he is feeling better now...<3

Ms. Latina said...

Hi Alissa! So gld you were able to talk to him and take away some of his fears.With time, as you keep repeating thats its ok to be scared, he'll have less fears. Even cuddling with him during storms and doing something fun will change his thoughts. This way instead of the worried whispers he heard at your family's house, he'll remember thunderstorms as fun times with Mommy!


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