Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day at the Park

Yesterday I volunteered to take my two nephew's Evan and Elijah off my sister's hands. We went to a near by park.

Right away the kid's shouted out, "Isaak's the monster!" Isaak was running around making monster noises at the other kids. I can't stand that they do this! I told all the kids that we're not going to have a "Bad Guy" or "Monster" today! I then took Isaak to a swing to get his mind off of being a monster.

While I was pushing Isaak on the swing, and watching the other boy's play, they quickly had nominated Cousin Evan to be the tornado! He had an orange ribbon thing he had gotten from VBS, and was swinging it around like a tornado. The other kids were running in what they called "The basement," which was the lower level of the play area. There always seems to be a "Bad Guy" in the group. I suppose it's not any different then playing tag and saying, "You're it!" No one wants to be "It". Isaak always is picked to be the "Monster" or "Bad Guy" in this group of 4 boy's. I don't like it one bit!

Here's Evan and his version of a tornado. At least it's more creative then "Bad Guy" or "Monster!" I'm sure this was really great for Mica's fear of storms. Knowing him, it was probably his idea.

I let them run off lots of energy! That's kind of the goal in taking these boy's out of the house! Mica and Cousin Evan are in the grass. Isaak and Cousin Elijah are on the man made ground.

Then we went for a walk to see ducks and went across a bridge. Whenever I see boy's on a bridge playing, no matter what age they are I think of the movie Stand By Me.

Mica kept running back and forth. The other boy's found and branch, broke it apart to push it through the fence. They had fun!

Then we went to a near by learning store. Mainly we talked about what we had at home already and what they'd like to have. It started to sprinkle, so we went back to Aunt Terra's house.

The boy's played good. I think they miss each other. Cousin Ethan showed up (he's in 6th grade) and belongs to Aunt Angela. He gives Cousin Evan and Mica hammy down toys. They were both ecstatic to get a new to them Transformer!

That evening we turned around and went for a walk to yet another park; where Mica will be going to school. They just got all new equipment. The boy's were really excited to play! It was fun to watch.

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