Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have to be honest, I did not think Isaak would hang in with the whole hiking part of our Staycation! He picks to ride in the stroller whenever Aunt Terra walks to go get cousin Evan from school. He's not like his brother Mica, who is always walking ahead!

We hiked at Mahoney State Park.

I thought this was a perfect photo to show my art students; foreground, middleground and background.

Mica was so ready to go! He loves hiking!
The order was Mica first, Daddy second, Isaak slightly behind and holding me up and I was last (shooting photos).

They heard a train! We stopped to check it out.

 It was hauling a bunch of coal. Then it had to stop because a passenger train was coming.

This reminded me of Grover's skit about near and far.

Mica was hiding behind a tree in the second shot. He loves to scare people!

 Roots were literally our steps.

Sitting on a bench. It was water and snack time.

Mamma with her boy's.

Papa with his boy's. Sometimes they are just better behaved when they are separated! I sing that song, "Gotta' keep'em separated!" by Offspring a lot!
Then it was time to go back. We walked all morning. We didn't think Isaak would make it back, so Isaak and I found a picnic spot to sit at, while Daddy and Mica went to get the Pilot.

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Brenda said...

Looks like a beautiful hike!


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