Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess Who is Under the Weather?

Guess which one is sick? I know they both look sick. Mica's the one. He came home from school, didn't ask for a snack, felt warm and crashed on the couch.

I woke him up for supper. He was out of it! He also had a low grade fever. In went the Motrin.

I just hope he doesn't get the tummy flu! That's been passed around our family!

Then we cuddled on the couch to watch Mrs. Doubtfire. The boy's think this movie is super funny! Mica cracks up laughing.
Image found here.
Guess who butted in on the cuddle time? Isaak of course. ;)

Finally I got up and let them cuddle. Isaak won't leave Mica alone anyhow. There is no use trying to separate them.

I just hope Mica wakes up feeling good. I teach tomorrow. Daddy's busy at work to. No one else wants to take care of sick boy.

My cousin Brent is getting married this weekend. All the more reason Mica needs to get well as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

aww i hope he feel better...tummy flu has been doing the rounds in here as well...this reminded me of my school days when i used to come home all tired and sweaty...

Anonymous said...

am bad with geography so thought of posting the comment, hope you guys are safe from the hurricane threat....

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